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By Enriqueta

January 17, 2019

Paper, Ink and a Pen

Before you prepare to hear advice on how to write essays you should ask yourself a simple question: “What is essay writing for me?” If it’s lifetime passion, you don’t even need any tips beforehand as it may cause significant harm to your fragile soul’s settings. If not, let’s get down to them.

Write Only About Topics You Are into

Of course if you are planning to earn some money by writing essays on various topics, it’s an open secret that it won’t be your free will and choice to determine the themes of your writes. Cheap essay writing services have gained notable popularity so feel free to imbue your passion with real working experience, get trend awareness and recognition among customers. That is certainly better than starting on your own in the middle of nowhere.

If you are only on your way to future recognition as an essay writer, try to determine your several “core” directions where you’ll be heading – business, education, politics or marketing etc. It’s not hard to guess that each topic requires not only mastering problematics but often peculiar logic (“marketing thinking”, for instance). Needless to say that it’s just an amateur preliminary stage of your advent to the top, because you’ll be gradually discovering other topics that will captivate you.

Expand Your Horizons

For such an “amateur laboratory” to succeed, you need high-quality material that can be found in real life through your hobbies. You can’t write an enthralling essay about the latest bestseller in the nearest shop if the last book you read was Harry Potter in high school. Your hobbies and occupations are main sources of achieving a certain level of proficiency because it’s always mentally rewarding to write about something you passionately love, isn’t it?

Grab Some Textbooks About Stylistics

Sometimes (and often so!) your inherent enthusiasm about the topic is not enough. Writing essays means (among other things) creating textual stuff organized in a certain manner according to certain rules. So, what can be better than finding stylistics and rhetoric guidebooks?

Achieving balance between not compromising your personal way of expression and conforming to readers’ expectations while sticking to linguistic rules in a truly broad sense – that’s where the trick lays. If you master it, that’ll be no less than your style’s water-head.

Always Work on Your Style

Yes, your style is born. But remember that it’s a pretty fragile thing that requires working on: it can be dead in the twinkle of an eye.  Apart from reading a lot on lots of topics, do yourself a favor and work purposely on language collocations. It’s much easier to do it thematically: write down expressions characteristic of certain branch of knowledge. Sometimes it seems that language is a great compendium of clichés and collocations and their right usage can sometimes be crucial to quality of your texts.

Textual cohesion and coherence may take some time to attain, but the flow of your text is something always worth working on, as this is the “gate” to perception of your style by others.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

You already earn real money, and sometimes they even consider yourself to be a guru in copywriting. In this case, the advice is not only to be open-minded, but always look for something destabilizing your worldview and habitual order. As strange as it may seem, on this level the style is something that requires constant crisis to keep it fresh and alive.

The language is without a doubt a remarkable tool, and essay appears to embody in many aspects its very nature: holism, power and freedom of expression.

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