Which Major to Pick in the XXI century

By Enriqueta

January 17, 2019

The Logic Behind All of It

Graduation Ceremony

In today’s world virtually created by media the issue of genuineness becomes something irreplaceable. Genuine is your choice.  It’s something that cannot and mustn’t be fake. However, the price for making mistakes and choosing inappropriate major and career, as it turns out to happen very often, is not so critical as it used to be. Today young specialists have this distinctive readiness to switch between careers.   So, no wonder that you should be prepared to change your main occupation at least several times during your lifetime, and that is something that really counts, that may be your real formula for success.

Apart from that, to understand this problematic deeply you’ve got to ask yourself a question: what is career nowadays?  And then you’d better try to separate a career from education right off the bat. Ok, you’re right, ideally they go together, but remember what we mentioned already about mistakes: they’re no more the end of the world. Today making a career tends to become something of a resulting from everything you know and master, and the ability to put everything into action is the primary skill you’ll need.  Journalism is no less than exemplary in this regard. Lots and lots of famous journalists accentuate it every time they give a masterclass about their craft and exemplify it, saying that the best journalists are very often people who avoid picking a major in journalism. And this logic is pervasive: you unleash your potential through employment systems already in place or succeed in creating something completely new.

Very often you can hear this somewhat cynical phrase: if you’re looking for a job then you’ll find a job, not career or money. It gradually becomes completely true. It could be explained partially by the tendencies we mentioned above and apart from that by the persistent processes of mediators of all kinds disappearing step-by-step. Hence, the logic we described aside, here’s another one: the coexistence of both. It consists of working on your reputation in the beginning, and then making profit out of it working directly with customers and receiving orders from them.  This stage is indicative of your growing as a specialist and promises you a lot financially.

So… Which One to Pick?

Even though the relationship between job, career and occupation is not so simple as they used to be, try to make a right choice from the beginning. Even if we’re not talking here about full-cycle involvement and your inescapable future for the next decade or two, remember that it’s just better to pick a major connected with knowledge you’d be able to make extensive use of later,  instead of not knowing what to do after graduation and feeling that you wasted valuable time. That’s right, and here’s the paradox : time is money like to the extent it has never been before, whereas the ability to be flexible and make up for past mistakes in your life choice thrusts itself upon with equal enthusiasm.

If we adopt a more conservative approach, we must acknowledge that picking a major, despite all the cool tendencies mentioned or implied, still depends on the economic climate of the region you live in, and presence and availability of markets. If you tend to connect your future with specific “economic habitat”,  then you must tackle the logic it’s built upon, and follow the regularities of it as far as possible.

On the other hand, if you cherish independence and consider the globalized international markets with their requests as main prerogative for you, then you’ve got to keep an eye on it.

With technologies being now the whole world’s sartorial statement and signature line, difficult times have come for humanities. That’s not to say they’ll be completely useless, on the contrary, some people claim that they’ll become a sort of reactionary substrate to ever-happening technological revolution and the degree of need and esteem of such specialists are very likely to be on the rise. Even if it is to be so, we still need some time to make it clear. And for the time being, if you’re not a complete star in liberal arts, then you’ll have really bitter time and that’s the trend that is evident throughout the world, not some specific countries or regions. The only way to succeed financially is perhaps building a strong career in media. Taking into account the fact that humanities adherents are pretty often ideologically and ethically sensitive people, this option is obviously not for everyone (spending your time learning how language functions and gains new dimensions of freedom in, say, literature and then, bolt from the blue, helping others to fool people? Are you kidding?).

In Lieu of an Epilogue

To sum up, several key factors must be taken into consideration when you pick a grade nowadays: type of economic ecosystem you are planning to work in, your mindset and basic inclinations, and last but no way least, degree of flexibility you’re capable of (but that doesn’t mean you can start wasting your time!). As for the last one, be ready to develop it permanently.

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